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Our People

Our investment team has significant experience investing across the leveraged loan market. The team has a demonstrated track record investing through a disciplined investment approach, fundamental credit analysis, relative value asset selection and an emphasis on capital preservation.

ACSF is externally managed by Ivy Hill Asset Management, L.P., a portfolio company of Ares Capital Corporation (NASDAQ:ARCC). ARCC is externally managed by Ares Capital Management, LLC, a subsidiary of Ares Management, L.P. (NYSE:ARES), one of the largest global alternative asset managers. References to Ares or Ares Management refer to Ares Management, L.P.

ACSF Board of Directors

Kevin Braddish Director, President and Chief Executive Officer
Phyllis R. Caldwell Director
Gil Crawford Director (Lead Independent Director)
Larry K. Harvey Director

ACSF Executive Officers

Kevin Braddish President and Chief Executive Officer
Penni Roll  Chief Financial Officer
Miriam Krieger  Chief Compliance Officer
Shelly Cleary Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Ian Fitzgerald General Counsel, Secretary and Vice President
Josh Bloomstein Vice President, Assistant Secretary
Scott Lem Chief Accounting Officer
Mitch Goldstein Vice President

Other Senior Professionals:

Steven Alexander Managing Director, Ivy Hill Asset Management
Stephanie Setyadi Managing Director, Ivy Hill Asset Management
Carl Drake Partner, Head of Public Investor Relations and Communications
Jana Markowicz Partner, Ares Credit Group